3 Surprising Benefits of Hard Money Loans

Do you need a loan quickly? Don’t panic because AS-IS loans can help. AS-IS loans specializes in quick and easy hard money loaning.

What Is Hard Money?

Instead of taking into account your credit score and ability to repay the amount lent, hard money loans depend on the collateral that secures your loan. Lenders do not care about your financial status; they care about the value of the collateral. If anything goes wrong, hard money lenders take the collateral and sell it, instead of taking the financial blow themselves. This means the consequences are not as severe for the lenders and, hence, they are more likely to disregard your financial status. Hard money loans are a great option for those that need quick, fast money, no questions asked.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to hard money loans. Hard money loans expedite and streamline the loaning process; they are rarely disapproved; and they are a resource for those that need funding, no questions asked.

1) Approval

Applying for a hard money loan is nearly effortless, rescuing you from all the stress and anxiety of traditional lenders. Typically a bank takes weeks—even months—to approve a loan, whereas hard money loans get approved in 1-3 days. If you need money fast, traditional loans are not the way to go. Hard money loaning is your best option. If you are a real estate investor, hard money loans are a way to avoid lenders that are non-committal and unreliable. In the end, hard money loans mean more deals and less stress. Don’t let lackluster investors stop you from acquiring the properties you need.

Once AS-IS loans approves your hard money loan, you can pursue your own success uninhibited by the constraints that come with traditional loans.

2) Fewer Questions, More Flexibility

Hard money loaners don’t ask questions. As long as you have sufficient equity and enough cash to make monthly payments, hard money lenders will be satisfied. Compare this streamlined process with traditional banks’ seemingly infinite list of requirements. Foreclosures? Short sales? Bankruptcies? Bad credit? No problem. Hard money loaners only require sufficient down payment or equity (20-30%) in the property.

Are you self-employed or unemployed? If so, traditional money lenders will refuse to loan you money. Such requirements are entirely arbitrary, and you deserve a loan despite your employment status. Hard money loaners look past these ridiculous requirements, providing you with more flexibility and freedom.

3) You (The Borrower) Are the Priority

Commonly, traditional lenders only consider their own well-being. They prioritize their safety above all else. This selfishness can be extremely aggravating for those that are trying to find financial success. As a result, traditional lenders stifle business opportunity for those looking to borrow money. If you are sick of traditional lenders and banks holding you back, then hard money loans are the option for you.

Real estate investors who rely on traditional lending are often left in the dust. In the investment community, hard money loans are well-regarded. They allow you more freedom and stability. Traditional loans carry the risk that a bank will pull financing from the buyer during escrow. Hard money loaners stand by your side, providing you consistency and dependability.

Why Hard Money Loans Are the Right Option for You

Hard money loans take the borrower’s well-being into account. They don’t rely on arbitrary rules and requirements, allowing the borrower more freedom, quicker. Without the hassle of traditional lenders, hard money loans offer you flexibility and empowerment.

If you are in need of a short-term loan, hard money loans are the superior option. If you flip houses, you don’t need a long-term loan; maximum, you need a 1-2 year loan. And more importantly, you need a loaner you can depend on. After a year or two with a hard money loan, the borrower repays the loan and sells the house. What a success! Without hard money loans, many successful real estate investors would not be where they are today.

The margin for error is slim these days, especially in business and finance. If you are sick of relying on traditional loaners that only have their self-interest in mind, you are ready for a hard money loan. Hard money loans take you—a human being—into account, catering to your needs.

AS-IN loans knows how important success is for you. Success requires dependability, consistency, and most of all, freedom. Decide what to do with your money on your own terms. Regardless of the property, condition, location, and credit, AS-IS loans has the solution for you. Call today to get the loan you deserve.