30 Year No Doc Investment Loan | Can You Get One?

You have searched and searched for the perfect home, and suddenly, it’s in your sight. All the pieces fit just right, so it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of mortgages. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, you’re unable to provide the documentation they need. This means it’s time for a new approach: the 30 year no doc investment loan.

While it may sound complicated, a 30 year no doc investment loan is a simple process with a lot less paperwork. But is it real? Can you really get a 30 year no doc investment loan? We have gathered all the information you need to understand that these loans are both real, and can undoubtedly be obtained.

What Is a 30 Year No Doc Investment Loan?

A traditional mortgage or investment loan requires you to not only fill out an application but provide proof of your current financial position. This can include things like tax statements, credit scores, pay stubs, and other similar documents.

30 year no doc investment loans don’t need all that. Lenders will allow you to bypass paperwork you are unable to produce, and often only make you fill out the initial application. These loans not only make the application process more straightforward for those who struggle with paperwork, but also allow more people to invest in homes, businesses, and everything in between.

Why Might You Need a 30 Year No Doc Investment Loan?

There are tons of reasons why you may need a 30 year no doc investment loan. One common reason is that people may be too young to have enough history to show for themselves. This is particularly true for young college graduates who have little or no work history for minimum salaries. Although they may be newly hired with a great position, they have no documentation proving that their income is legitimate or reliable.

Self-employed individuals often give themselves a lower salary for taxes purposes. This is great in theory, but often backfires when it comes to applying for loans. While they have the earnings of the business to aid them, their documents only indicate a low-wage position. New business owners also suffer in this situation because they might not have been open long enough to show consistent earnings to a traditional lender.

For some people, it may be as simple as a privacy need. You might need or want to keep your income level to yourself, which will make it difficult to prove to someone else that you have the money for the monthly payments.

Can You Get a 30 Year No Doc Investment Loan?

The short answer is yes, you can. Before the housing crash in 2008, no doc loans were pretty standard. Many lenders or mortgage brokers would simply ask how much you made and believed it at face value. Unfortunately, these soon became known as “liar loans” as people would cover up their lack of income with confident smiles.

Since the crash, a 30 year no doc investment loans have slowly made a come back into the playing field. Lenders have taken up alternative methods of proving income and reliability to ensure both the lender and borrower are satisfied.

If a 30 year no doc investment loan seems like the best option for you, there are a few ways to ensure that you get qualified. Showing a good credit score is a great place to start. This score gives them proof that you are reliable and able to pay your bills when they are due. If your credit is low, don’t fret. This is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Even if you are unable to produce proper paperwork, proving you have an income will be essential. This income may come in many nontraditional forms, all of which will be valuable to your case, including things like investment accounts or reserves.

If you’re able to save up and put a larger down payment, that will also increase your likelihood of getting approved. This shows them that not only are you able to come up with money when needed, but also that you are serious about this loan and the investment you choose to make with it.


30 year no doc investment loans are a great solution to those unable to prove their income through paperwork. These loans provide more opportunities for more individuals by making the mortgage process simpler. At AS-IS loans, we understand that not every family is the same. We are committed to working with everyone, regardless of their current situation. Call today to see all that AS-IS loans can do for you.