Hard Money Loans | When to get One

When we want something, we want to buy it now. Whether it’s food, clothes, or a new car, we’re always eager to make purchases in the moment. Unfortunately, some investments just aren’t possible to make on our own; we need a little extra cash to make ends meet. This is where hard money loans come into play.

Hard money loans are a quick and simple way to get money in your pocket for investments. These loans allow you to get the ball rolling quickly and snag the opportunities while they’re hot. But what are hard money loans and when is a good time to one? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know so you can borrow with confidence.

What Are Hard Money Loans?

Everyone knows what a loan is: a sum of money you borrow from a lender that you will have to pay back. A traditional loan from a bank or corporation is often a long process with a lot of boxes you have to check, with their main focus being your credit score.

Credit scores provide a number to potential lenders to show how credible you have been in paying off other loans. It’s a slow building process, especially for young people, that can easily be damaged by a few late payments. Investors also look at your employment history and current income to determine whether or not they think you can afford to pay back their loan.

Hard money loans work differently. Rather than focusing on how much you can pay back, hard money loans focus on how much your potential investment is worth. They evaluate the potential collateral and give you a loan based on its value. This way, if things were to go south, they could take the item and make their money back.

What Are the Benefits of Hard Money Loans?

What’s so great about this is that almost anyone can get a hard money loan. Even though you may have turned your financial situation around, your history may still be in the tank. Hard money loans don’t keep that as their main focus and make it possible for more people to get the money they need.

Since they’re not focusing so heavily on credit scores, the process runs a lot quicker. This means you can make fast-paced investments that a conventional loan wouldn’t let you do. Plus, you won’t have the dread of waiting days or even weeks to find out if you’re eligible.

Another great perk is that you’re often not working with a major corporation. Hard money loan lenders are often individuals with whom you can work with. This means you might have the potential to negotiate a flexible repayment schedule or even postpone the first payment or two.

When to Get a Hard Money Loan

The truth about hard money loans is that you can get them anytime. They are always available, but when do you want to get one?

Hard money loans are often short-term, meaning that they typically have a repayment schedule lasting one to five years. For those looking to flip a property, upgrade their home for sale, or make an investment with a quick turn around, hard money loans are a great idea.

As we’ve mentioned, hard money loans have a much quicker process than a standard loan. This makes them a great choice for those who have come face-to-face with an incredible deal. It’s a quick world out there, so if you don’t snag the opportunity while it’s there, somebody else will. Hard money loans allow you to get the cash when you need it, which will allow you to make those deals while they’re still on the table.

On a more basic level, hard money loans are also there to provide options to those who may have nowhere else to turn to. With these loans, your credit score is not the main factor, which means you won’t have to worry about your past mistakes affecting your current investments. If you’ve struggled with your credit in the past, it is time to invest in hard money loans instead.


Hard money loans are a great way to put money in your pocket, now. Rather than dealing with the long process of traditional loans, hard money loans let you invest quickly, so you don’t miss out on potential deals. At AS-IS loans, we’ll work to get you the loans you need no matter your situation or time restraint. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.