Loans Against Any Publicly Traded Stock – No Restrictions

Securities Backed Lending (SBL) | Publicly Traded Stock Loans

Use your publicly traded stocks as collateral for a loan. No Credit Check!!!!

2- 5 % Interest | 80% Loan-To-Value | $100k Minimum Loan | 1 to 5 Year Terms Available

  • Funding in 1 -2 weeks
  • Minimum loan amount of $100K
  • Annual interest of only 2%-4%
  • Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80% of value of stock
  • Absolutely No Restrictions
  • No borrower Requirement – No Credit Checks
  • Securities are the collateral. Loan Against Securities, Not Borrower
  • Any publicly traded company in the world is eligible
  • Discrete Transactions, Simple Process
  • The shares are kept in a bank custodian account in borrower’s home country
  • The shares are never short traded, sold, reassigned, transferred or traded
  • The shares remain in the name of company or client in local custodian bank
  • Non-recourse loans, no corporate or personal guarantee required
  • No ownership transfer of securities
  • Continue Receiving Stock Dividends as you remain owner of record
  • Funds can be disbursed in any currency and free to be transferred anywhere
  • No Restrictions On Funds Received
  • Use Funds For Any Purpose – No Limitations
  • Loan proceeds to be used for any purpose and not restricted in any way
  • Simple interest paid quarterly

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